Keynote: Golf Course Marketing for Club Owners

We’ve been living in a thriving economy filled with a huge wave of avid senior golfers for the past 5-10 years. That’s not going to last forever. Golf course owners need to aggressively push for winning market share in their local competitive set…or they’ll lose when things shift. We’re talking strategy and tactics for winning in the next downturn.

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Article originally posted at by Casey Bourque, Principal – KPI Golf

We’re Living in a Bubble

Based on the fact that the economy has been great over the past 9 years, AND we’ve got a huge wave of Baby Boomers playing more golf than ever, golf should be thriving.

In fact, if your home course isn’t killing it right now, look out when the market turns.

Now is the time to grab market share and prepare for the storm ahead. Because when the market kicks us in the face, and when seniors really start aging out of the system, your course better be ready.

The Best Marketing Asset for Golf Courses

By far, the best (and underutilized) marketing asset for golf courses is golf instruction. Prices for lessons are going up because the interests of individual instructors is not aligned with the interests of the clubs they serve.

$150 lessons don’t appeal to newcomers or old timers at all. These are the groups that golf courses need to attract and retain respectively.

Those first to market with golf lessons brought in-house and offered for free will win the lions share of the marketing spoils that’ll come with it.

But nobody’s moving out of the box…until the day comes when the music stops…

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