We Help Underperforming Golf Clubs Win.

KPI Golf Course Management:
A Data-Driven Methodology for Optimizing Performance

“We deploy golf course management solutions that help clubs operate sustainably and profitably, where otherwise they may fail. We believe that optimal performance means objectively evaluating what is working, what isn’t working, and to continuously prioritize highest impact activities based on facts. Operating less than optimally means missing critical growth opportunities, diminishing market share, reduced valuation, or even the club’s demise.

John BrownPrincipal

How to Turn Around an Underperforming Golf Club

Of course no two clubs are the same, but here’s a typical timeline
for how KPI golf course management delivers quick wins immediately,
followed by stability and strategic advantages to own the long game.

30 – 60 days

Uncover Quick Wins

Grab the “low hanging fruit” to save your club money and turn things around immediately.

1 – 3 months

Daily Operations

Improve your value proposition through targeted refinements in operations and company culture. 

3 – 24 months

Grow Customer Base

Grab market share by identifying ideal customers, properly positioning your club in your market.

Phase 4:
Rolling 2 – 10 years+

Compete Long Term

Proactive strategic planning and capital improvements to stay relevant forever.

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The Secret Sauce


Fully transparent discourse and open sharing of ideas is the only way to fully understand the challenges clubs face and to evaluate every possible alternative. We only work with clubs who first want to work with us, and which recognize there are measurable and achievable benefits to be gained.


If you want to win in golf management today, we believe you need to be utterly unromantic about consumer behavior and performance. You need to observe, analyze and adjust to where the consumer actually is, and what is or isn’t working well. Data enables us to definitively prioritize highest impact activities.


Everyone coming to agreement that current practices are not optimal and that improvements are necessary for us to achieve stated goals. Without buy-in, uninspired execution is sure to sabotage the effectiveness of any long term solutions. Achieving buy-in is critical in developing a culture of positivity, appropriate freedom to act, and speed.

Why Does KPI Golf Management Exist?

The golf industry is experiencing gentrification right now.

Rich top-end facilities are getting richer (and more expensive) while the more affordable clubs are disproportionately going out of business.

It’s a call to arms where many stand alone facilities cannot compete without engaging expert help, economies of scale, and modern day operating efficiency.

Less than optimal golf course management can mean missing critical growth opportunities, diminishing market share, reduced valuation, or even the club’s demise.

Underperforming golf clubs can compete favorably in today’s marketplace, but they have to optimize operations. It begins with with addressing the low hanging fruit in financials & workplace culture, followed by deploying specific strategies for continuous refinement, and leveraging centralized resources at scale to compete long term. 

Why do clubs want to work with KPI?

In the golf business, we are hardwired to enjoy helping people. We enjoy what we do because ultimately we are serving a greater good – creating and saving jobs, building careers, reinvigorating entire communities, preserving historic facilities, and providing healthy environments for children and families.

When golf clubs prosper, many people benefit. When clubs struggle or go under, many more feel the impact.

Our clients enjoy working with us because we share in their beliefs in the critical importance of success. A healthy club means a health community, and better lives for those it touches.

We believe our skills, networks, and resources can help these community centerpieces compete and thrive. At the end of the day, people enjoy being around others who are passionate and who share common beliefs.

key per·for·mance in·di·ca·tor (KPI)

noun: key performance indicator;
plural noun: key performance indicators

a quantitative or qualitative measurement, or any other criterion, by which the performance, efficiency, achievement, etc. of a person or organization can be assessed, often by comparison with an agreed standard or target

The KPI Blog

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The challenge at this facility was to operate within the $850,000 budget, while delivering a product that the customer base appreciated and the club could be proud of. We were also challenged heavily to drive additional revenue. The fate of this locally developed community hung in the balance.
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Marketing a Private Golf Club From Scratch in Rural Northeast

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Golf Course Irrigation Expenses Threaten Existence of Private Club

The major elephant in the room was with golf course irrigation: This facility had to buy its water from the city as standard tap water. At the time, the irrigation water expense was $800,000 annually and growing - nearly $2,500 per golfing member. The prospects of survival was not good unless this issue could be resolved soonest.
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Municipal Golf Course Upgrade: Staffing, Real Estate & Loyalty Programs

This is a county-owned golf facility that was losing several hundred thousand dollars on an annual basis. Because of its municipal status, they couldn't make a great deal of money through the operation, but certainly didn't want to lose. We were charged with helping the facility break even.
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4-Step Sequence to a Million Dollar Private Club Turnaround

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Is your club performing optimally?