1-Day 3D Services


A one-day immersion into factual performance metrics the KPI way.

• Financial operations report
• Comprehensive local market report
• Data-backed recommendations

We give you the data and the tools, and you execute!

The 1-Day Data Deep Dive (1D3D) is a one-day, exhaustive consulting session led by KPI Golf’s senior leadership, including Founder and Principal John A. Brown Jr.

This program is only available to select facilities on a limited basis. 

Through exhaustive quantitative review of your facility operations, financials and local competitive marketplace, 1D3D will reveal everything under the hood at your facility and clearly identify quick wins and pathways to long-term success.

Each 1D3D session is tailored to the needs of the individual facility. You walk away with an intensive understanding of your own business environment along with a set of tactical solutions to help your facility win.

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“If you’re not completely satisfied with this program,
we’ll refund all your money with no questions asked.”

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We Believe that Data is
The Fastest Way to the Truth About Your Facility


Operating Expense Report

Line item financial review, and performance ratio guide posts.

  • Uncover quick financial wins
  • Compare your payroll and expense ratios to competitive standards
  • Department level operations analysis for cost containment
  • Line item level financial review
  • Buying process & vendor insights


Local Market Report

Local demographics, competitive analysis, projected supply & demand

  • All market data provided on 10, 20 & 30 mile radii
  • Local demographics and golf participation rates
  • Complete competitive analysis – every facility
  • Historic and projected demand for golf
  • Weather-based utilization & rounds played reporting


Expert Recommendations

Deployable solutions based on facility’s current and projected position

  • Interviews with key staff or board members
  • Presentation on findings and written recommendations
  • Free access to proprietary resources for improved execution
  • Single point of contact follow-up
  • Written documentation of all findings, data, and suggested activities

1D3D Package Price


Fully Inclusive, Single Day, No Business Interruption, 100% Money Back Guarantee

All Inclusive…

  • One-day site visit

  • Financial operations analysis

  • Interviews with key staff & members

  • Local competitive market analysis

  • Demographics, utilization & participation reports

  • Printed & digital copies of all findings

  • Clearly defined highest impact solutions

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