John Brown Shares His 85/50 Golf Course Membership Sales Strategy

The private club model is changing. In the past, exclusivity and privacy was highly touted. Nowadays, younger generations don’t look nearly as favorably on these kinds of policies and clubs in general – of course there are elite exceptions.

Most golf courses are working harder and harder to attract and retain membership.

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KPI Golf’s 85/50 Membership Program was developed by John Brown through his work with Troon Golf and as he build his prior golf course management company – Brown Golf Management.

In this podcast, John outlines the key components to deploying this proven successful recruitment strategy.

The 85/50 program is about engaging your newest members to become your most important evangelists for the club. The sooner you can engage these members in the recruiting process, the more likely you are to succeed.

By creating a structure where new members are encouraged to invite their friends to experience the club, close rates are greatly increased. It’s play on social proof and the natural inclination for people to justify the decision they made to join the club.

It works.


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