• What is KPI CONSULT?

    Metrics-based guidance based on real-time data to help your team to make informed decisions in the moment and to prioritize highest impact activities continuously.

  • What clubs are best suited for KPI CONSULT?

    KPI Consult is best suited for clubs on a tight budget looking for quick financial wins, lightweight continuous improvement, or need to turn around facility performance quickly.

  • Why consider KPI CONSULT?

    You see challenges (or opportunities) ahead and you’re not sure how to best proceed. You know that better information can help you prioritize highest impact activities at your club.

  • How does it work?

    It’s designed to be our most economical solution – typically a combination of on-site discovery visits and recurring performance review & planning conference calls.

  • What are typical terms of engagement?

    Usually on a month-to-month agreement, or in cases of longer term lengths, simple options to terminate.

  • What does KPI CONSULT cost?

    Usually far less than the cost of an entry level employee. You gain access to real time facility data via phone app and online portal, and single point of contact strategic expertise.


  • What is KPI MANAGE?

    Turn key facility management and centralized administrative, marketing and purchasing functions to maximize benefits of a data-driven methodology and economies of scale.

  • What clubs are best suited for KPI MANAGE?

    Best suited for clubs who realize that existing methods are not optimal, and that professional oversight, data-driven decisions, and economy of scale is required to compete.

  • Why consider KPI MANAGE?

    The use of real time performance data, centralization, and economies of scale leave stand-alone facilities at an enormous disadvantage in tight markets.

  • How does it work?

    KPI Manage is a complete golf course management program where we uncover quick wins for your club, refine daily operations and your value proposition, market your facility and strategically plan for the future.

  • What are typical terms of engagement?

    Normally management contracts extend 3, 5 or 7+ years with options to extend or terminate. All terms including areas of service are negotiable.

  • What does KPI MANAGE cost?

    Everything is negotiable depending on what is best for your club as we define our respective responsibilities.


  • What is KPI LEASE?

    Lease your facility for us to operate autonomously in exchange for guaranteed income.

  • What clubs are best suited for KPI LEASE?

    Ideal for club owners who are looking for relief from the stresses and risks of operational execution, and would value guaranteed cash flow as the value of their facility appreciates over time.

  • Why consider KPI LEASE?

    You just want to enjoy the club. For whatever reason ownership is not interested in running daily facility operations, and would like a long-term passive revenue stream for their assets.

  • How does it work?

    We work out arrangements that are mutually beneficial. KPI Golf will staff and operate your facility for you and pay you for the right to do so.

  • What are typical terms of engagement?

    Facility leases normally run a minimum of 5 years; however there are exceptions based on circumstances.

  • What does KPI LEASE cost?

    There is no cost – we pay you.


  • What is KPI ACQUIRE?

    Collaborative program of research and consulting services designed to facilitate golf course ownership and maximize your return on investment.

  • Who are best suited for KPI ACQUIRE?

    For investors and club owners looking to maximize returns on their investment, building a portfolio, evaluating new opportunities in the market, or considering exit strategy.

  • Why consider KPI ACQUIRE?

    You’re looking for quality investment opportunities, you’re interested in facility ownership, or you need an exit strategy with maximum returns.

  • How does it work?

    KPI Golf provides you with data, research, and experience-backed consulting services to help you execute.

  • What are typical terms of engagement?

    Engagement can be on a partnership level, retainer or flat monthly fee basis, with or without contingency components depending on the nature of our relationship and responsibility.

  • What does KPI ACQUIRE cost?

    All terms are negotiable. Certain partnership arrangements with mutual participation may carry no cost to KPI whatsoever.